Playa Hermosa  and Jaco Beach Nightlife


There are lots of things to do at night in Playa Hermosa and Jaco Beach.  Jaco is know as the Party Capital of Costa Rica.  There are alot of bars, nightclubs and restaurants open every night, until 5am.  There is a “ladies Night” somewhere every night of the week.  Ladies nights are very popular because the girls can drink free all night long and the of course the guys go where the ladies are, which makes for a fun night out.


There are a number of bars in Jaco Beach. Jaco is the “party capital of costa rica” for nothing.  You can start out in the Monkey Bar which is a party atmosphere and friendly staff.  The monkey bar has great music and the top DJ’s in town.  This is the dance bar.  If you want to go have an all out party and dance all night long this is the spot for you. Located next to the monkey bar is the beatle bar.  This is an attraction among visitors.  Most people hear about the beatle bar even before landing in costa rica. Definately a hotspot in it’s own way.


Directly across the street from the beatle bar is La Bruja.  It is more of a goth style bar with a really cool atmosphere.  Loud music and strong drinks make this one of my top spots to go for a drink.  Down the street a little is the Jungle Bar,  It is located upstairs from subway.  The jungle bar is more of a latino style bar with local music and reasonable pricing.  A very mellow spot.


Moving further south you will come across tabacon, which is an open air bar that has live bands on the weekends.  A good spot for a drink. Down the street a bit is the Loft, which is more of a Lounge.  It has good house DJ’s as well as a higher end atmosphere. They offer bottle service and have couches to hang out at.  Cool spot to look out over the town at night.


Directly across the street from the loft is Los Amigos.  Los amigos is a sports bar with tons of flat screen tv’s and different games on each on.  If your away and want to watch the game this is the bar for you.  They have great food and close at 11:00pm.  But thats no problem because the late night spot is right next to los amigos, Vibe.  Vibe is the after hours spot located in the mall downtown.  Vibe doesn’t usually get crowded until about 2-2:#0 when the other bars let out.  Vibe is the spot to be if your up for some after hours partying.


Even further on down the street going south you will find Divas.  Divas is located on the second story of pancho villas.  Definately a fun spot to go checkout the girls. Divas is more like a gentlemens club than a bar or disco but fun is had by all.


There is a very popular bar located within walking distance to the Hermosa Beach House.  The Backyard bar is a beach style bar that has the hottest ladies night on wednsday nights.  If you are going out on wednsday night you will end up at the backyard bar along with everyone else.  At around 12 expect to head over to jaco to continue the partying and meet up with anyone that didn’t make it out to playa hermosa.


There is plenty to do in hermosa and jaco so you won’t ever be bored.  Stay safe and have fun so you can make it back again.