One of the shining jewels of Central America is a small coastal town in Costa Rica that the locals call the “the city of surf.” Jaco, Costa Rica is the place, and it is truly a crown jewel amongst the many vacation getaway destinations that are available in this tropical paradise. Nestled on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Jaco Costa Rica features beaches that offer some of the best surfing conditions in the world, and a thriving social scene that is both fun and exciting.

Jaco, Costa Rica is known as the “city of surf” for good reason. The surfing conditions at Jaco beach are almost perfect all year round. Indeed, there is consistent 3 to 5 meter surf for riders to enjoy. Add in the warm water temperatures, and surfers from across the globe make the trek to Jaco, Costa Rica. In fact, the World Masters Surfing Championship is being held in Jaco in 2009. This is a major surfing event sponsored by the International Surf Association, and serves only to illustrate the great surfing accommodations that are available in Jaco, Costa Rica.

The extraordinary surfing is only one facet of Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. This coastal town is also known as the party capital of Costa Rica (again, for good reason). There is a vibrant nightlife in Jaco, with excellent bars, restaurants and even a few discos. But the excitement is not loud and rambunctious; rather it is relaxed and laid back. And the people! Visitors will find that the people here are courteous and friendly. Latin hospitality is well-known and the people of Jaco, Costa Rica exemplify this magnificent cultural tradition.

Tourists will find that accommodation options in Jaco are affordable as well. Whether visitors are looking for five-star treatment or something a little less expensive, everyone is sure to find a travel package that suits their needs. That’s the real beauty of visiting Jaco, Costa Rica; that regardless of one’s budget, there are endless attractions and exciting activities to engage in.

Jaco, Costa Rica is a very well-known tourist attraction and it is well worth the time for tourists to visit and see what all the fuss is about. You will not be disappointed by what you find at Jaco, Costa Rica. This heavenly piece of paradise on Earth has your every vacation need in mind when you visit. From great beaches to cosmopolitan cities – Jaco, Costa Rica is an enriching vacation experience.