jaco map This is a map of Jaco Beach. The map shows the location of bars, restaurants, and police on the main strip. Jaco Beach is growing every year. It is know as the party capital of Costa Rica. If you want to have fun, this is the spot.
map of costa rica Map of Costa Rica marking out the costa rican rivers, cities, and provinces. The provinces of costa rica are marked in an orange color.
costa rica province map Costa Rica province map showing the different provinces in different colors. I think this map is unique because it is not an exact province map. It is a map of how the locales see and refer to their country. Guanacaste is labeled as orange and listed as North Pacific. Puntarenas is blue and listed as Central Pacific. San Jose is purple and listed as the Central Valley. The Northern Region colored in red is Alajuela. Limon is the light green color labeled as The Caribbean. Lastly is the beige South Pacific also part of Puntarenas. All of the counties are not shown on this map.
costa rica maps This is a real Costa Rica Province Map.It shows exact borders, costa rican public roads, rivers, and towns. This map is nice too because it also shows more info on the borders of Panama and Nicaragua.
costa rican elevation map A Costa Rica Map showing the mountain chains that run from Nicaragua through the center of Costa Rica down to Panama. This map gives you a great view of how the elevation is much higher in san jose than it is down by Jaco Beach


Playa Hermosa Beach House is located 7 miles South of Jaco beach.

98Km from the San Jose Airport and by car should take about 1.5 to 2 hours

There are many different options to get to hermosa beach house from san jose. For more information go to the services page. If you decide to rent a car from the airport i strongly recomend getting a map and driving directions because there aren’t many street signs.