Pura Vida Yoga Retreat Nov. 19th-24th 2018

Pura Vida Retreat in Costa Rica

Yoga and Ayurveda getaway during thanksgiving week, November 19-24, 2018.

5 Days 6 Nights all inclusive in paradise starting at $1500 per person

For all details check out Neve’s page

info@hbhcr.com/609-0910-0919 Julie

Beach Wedding
Beautiful Healing Landscapes

Package for Joy of Living Retreat includes : Hotel Stay at the
Hermosa Beach House in a delux rooms on the beach
Welcome party and bonfire, Yoga/guided meditation,
Healthy local foods, transportation to and from
airport, rainforest hike, tours adventures, cacao ceremony,
a beach front massage and much much more!!!!

Join the staff at The Hermosa Beach House on a transforming
and healing adventure in Costa Rica, the land of Pura Vida.
Our retreat will focus on manifesting personal health &
happiness through yoga, meditation and experience.

Enjoy your vacation in this beautiful paradise surrounded by breathtaking views.
Enjoy yourself in our peaceful community. Bring home the
energy of an amazing place that will transform your life.

If you are a instructor and want to customize your own retreat and bring your clients we have an amazing deal for you,  a dream vacation free.  Contact Julie for more info 1-609-910-0919!!!

Check out photos and for more info contact info@hbhcr.com

Other tours that can be exchanged or added to your yoga retreat.

SUP,  volcano tour, mountain biking, fishing, horse tour, reiki treatment from an amazing reiki master, massage, quad tour,pole dancing class, crossfit, gap classes, Spanish lessons, Triathlon training, Swimming, biking,trail running, national park tour, butterfly garden, Jaco ropes obstacle course. We also customize retreats according to you and your guests needs or desires!!!

Contact Julie at info@hbhcr.com or Skype 609-1910-0919

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