Healing Energy Reiki Retreat hosted by Jeanie Baker

 Healing Energy Reiki Retreat hosted by Jeanie Baker of Intuitive Soul

March 3rd-10th 2018

We only have 12 spaces available!!!!

Immerse yourself in the tropical, lush and healing nature of Costa Rica. This 8 day/7 night Healing Energy Reiki Retreat will enable you to receive a perfect balance of connection, healing, exploration, reflection and fun. The diverse landscapes of Mother Nature invites you to slow down, breathe more deeply and experience healing and joy.This retreat will gently guide you to connect to your highest self through yoga, meditation, Energy healing therapy sessions, massage, chakra balancing, sound healing, attunement to Reiki Energy, it’s Wisdom and more! You will practice to live with Intention on a deeper level and truly experience being present in your life. Visualize yourself listening to the waves of the sea sipping your morning coffee or tea, feeling the rays of the sun as it fuels your soul, and taking a relaxing dip in our refreshing oceanfront pool. Come and experience the “PURA VIDA” mantra for yourself!

This Costa Rica Intuitive Soul Reiki Retreat includes:

  •  Oceanfront accommodations at the beautiful  and spacious Hermosa Beach House Hotel
  •  Welcome package- includes local gifts and treats made in Costa Rica with LOVE
  • Opening bonfire ceremony including individual Reiki Attunement and Intention setting
  • Three healthy, fulfilling vegetarian meals, including breakfast by the pool.
  • Daily Yoga class in varying locations
  • Daily guided meditation practice
  • One Intuitive Reiki Healing therapy session w/ Jeanie Baker
  • Healing Rainforest hikes
  • One Oceanfront Healing massage
  • Group day outing to the beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park with private white sand beaches and walking trails
  • Costa Rican Organic Spice farm tour
  • Personal time to explore swim at the pool, just relax or journal
  • Manifesting activity to visualize and create your best life
  • Daily chakra smoothie/juice
  • Daily snacks/tea time/coconut water
  • Recipe card from daily chakra juices to take home
  • Closing bonfire ceremony
  • Roundtrip transportation to and from San Jose International Airport

Room Rates and options-

Chose from a Delux Cabina with 1 full bed and 2 twin bunk beds or Mountain view, Oceanview  and poolside suites with 2 full or 2 queen beds.

Double occupancy starting at $2,399 per person

Single occupancy starting $2,799 per person

Other tours that can be exchanged or added to your healing retreat.

Temazcal healing experience (sweat lodge)  SUP,  volcano tour, mountain biking, fishing, horse tour,  quad tour, pole dancing class, crossfit, gap classes, Spanish lessons, Triathlon training, Swimming, biking, trail running, butterfly garden, Jaco ropes obstacle course, Tortuga island boat tour- (boat ride to private island  lunch, snorkeling, and banana boat ride). We also customize retreats according to your vacation desires!!!

Intuitive Healing Therapies by Jeanie Baker of Intuitive Soul
Intuitive Reiki Healing Therapy is a safe and organic healing treatment unique to each individual’s energy healing needs. This therapy supports your own body’s natural healing process. It balances and harmonizes on every level; physically, emotionally,mentally and spiritually. I use various modalities of healing including Reiki, Energy medicine techniques,spiritual and intuitive guidance. This healing arts practice brings awareness and a deeper
connection to many areas of your life. Intuitive Reiki Healing empowers you to let go of fears, obstacles, self destructive behaviors/patterns, limiting belief systems and more. By releasing these energies, you open and
connect deeper to your inner voice and wisdom. This leads you to move forward in your life and into a deeper connection to your highest self and purpose.  After your Intuitive Reiki healing therapy, we will discuss various methods to promote your personal growth and spiritual development. You may use breathing and meditation techniques, affirmations, mantras, essential oils, flower essences, foods, and colors.  The aftercare program is unique to each individual based on the intuitive information from your energy that was received in the healing. The aftercare information supports your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.
Benefits of Intuitive Reiki therapy:
  • Wellness and positivity
  • Deep relaxation
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Inner Peace
  • Strengthened
  • Immune System
  •  Enhanced intuition and inner wisdom
  •  Chakra clearing and balancing
  •  Enhanced life energy force and well-being………. and much more!
    Spinal flush energetic massage therapy and Reiki Healing is an energy medicine technique that
    works with the lymphatic system. This healing therapy combination starts by placing essential
    oils drops and coconut oil along the spine and on the corresponding chakras. This gentle massage on the reflex points, flushes out physical and emotional stress. It is a powerful, yet gentle technique,which is used to create balance for digestive issues, negative emotions, hormonal imbalances, addictions, and the nervous system. It is also balancing for symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and indigestion. Following the spinal flush energy massage, you will be guided into a deeper state of relaxation by receiving Reiki Healing and chakra energy balancing.
    Reiki infused Reflexology is a combination of Reiki energy healing and an ancient therapy based on the idea that every part and system of the body is connected. During this therapy, the systems from within are stimulated by a gentle massage of reflex points, zones and areas of the feet, hands, and ears. This therapy promotes healing to
    all levels of the body. Reflexology teaches the body to resonate with positive energy, and removes toxins and energy blockages. It aids in relieving stress, promotes calmness and taps into the body’s self-healing mode. Following the reflex point massage, you will receive a deeper relaxation state with Reiki during your chakra energy clearing and balancing. Aromatherapy is also used during this treatment.
    Craniosacral Therapy and Energy Healing is a gentle, non-invasive hands-on manipulation of the soft tissue and bones of the cranium (or head), the spine and the pelvis. I combine gentle touch, energy healing, and connection
    to your body’s subtle rhythms. This therapy allows energy to move and flow to release on both the physical and emotional level. The intention of this therapy alsoseeks to restore the natural position of the bones. It also relieves stress, inflammation, and provides relief from chronic back pain, headaches, neck pain and more.
    Guided meditation is a journey bringing your focus, awareness and connection through your breath. The Intention of the class is to connect you deeper within the Self and to bring a fine tuned awareness into the present moment. Themes of the meditation are based on real life lessons and astrological insights. This class invites you to surrender to the present moment.It is only in the present moment that you can manifest the changes to connect you

    closer to your highest good and purpose. Each class introduces a doTerra essential oil, its purpose and Intention based on the theme of the guided meditation.

 For more info contact:  Jeanie Baker at www.jeaniebaker.org/011.506.8598.0699

Julie Frazee at Hermosa Beach House at info@hbhcr.com/ Calling from US 1-609-910-0919

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